Brainfuck was meant to be a joke language, and it would be reasonable to leave it's as is.

Thinking about Brainfuck in real terms is a bit risky, it's always quicker and easier to program other languages. On the other hand, Brainfuck brings back joy to programming allowing you to play around with the smallest units of a computer program while leaving language fully theoretical, not binding it to any definite machine (unlike Assembly, allowing you to feel not only joy while programming, but frustration too). To program Brainfuck, you'd need just a pencil and a reasonable amount of paper. Of course, you could do the same with other languages, but it's way less practical.

To play around with Brainfuck you need basically no experience - basic knowledge of maths and decent imagination are going to be sufficient.

Summing around disadvantages and advantages - Brainfuck is impractical and it shouldn't be considered real language. But there's nothing bad in playing with it!