Malbolge was meant to be a joke language, but fiddling with it to find real world use case is not waste of time (unlike brainfuck), due to cryptographical possibilities!
Thinking about Malbolge in real terms is a bit risky, it's always quicker and easier to program other languages. Malbolge doesn't really differ in problem it's solving with other esoterIc languages, it was already mentioned in Brainfuck chapter,
Like with most esoteric languages, to play around with Malbolge you need basically no experience - basic knowledge of maths and decent imagination are going to be sufficient.
Summing around disadvantages and advantages - Malbolge is impractical as heck and it's dangerous to consider Malbolge real language. But there's nothing bad in playing with it, trying to find real world use cases!
Last modified 2yr ago
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