Some interesting facts

  • Some say that the name JavaScript was chosen intentionally as part of a marketing strategy to promote user adoption. This similarity in naming was meant to take advantage of the already established Java programming language in creating an impression that JavaScript is an extension of Java.

  • Currently JavaScript is a trademark of Oracle Corporation in the United States. If you haven't guessed this company is better known for its virtual machine technologies.

  • The internal codename of the Mosaic Netscape or the Netscape Navigator browser was Mozilla.

  • The Mozilla Foundation was founded in 1998 by the members of Netscape Communications.

  • JS is licensed by Oracle to Netscape Communications then and currently to the Mozilla Foundation.

An Example

This section will compare Hello World program in JavaScript with other languages.


"use strict" // This declares strict mode and using it is a good security practice.
console.log("Hello world!"); // semicolon is not mandatory but recommended


fun main(args: Array<String>) {
println("Hello world!")


print "Hello world!"


puts "Hello world!"

Though the example was a simple one, we all start from writing Hello World, don't we? :)