Haskell is standardized, general-purpose compiled purely functional programming language. Haskell is written in several languages but it's basically a mixture of C and Assembly. This language was created, by the whole team, that included:

  • Lennart Augustsson

  • Dave Barton

  • Brian Boutel

  • Warren Burton

  • Joseph Fasel

  • Kevin Hammond

  • Ralf Hinze

  • Paul Hudak

  • John Hughes

  • Thomas Johnsson

  • Mark Jones

  • Simon Peyton Jones

  • John Launchbury

  • Erik Meijer

  • John Peterson

  • Alastair Reid

  • Colin Runciman

  • Philip Wadler

Features, engineering stuff here

Haskell has a lot of features, the most known, are here:

  • lazy evaluation

  • monads

  • type polymorphism

  • type classes

  • pattern matching

  • lambda expressions

  • cache in functions

Haskell specification is published and open for everyone. Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) is its main implementation, which is both, native-code compiler and interpreter, that runs on most of the platforms.

File extensions for Haskell code are .hs and .lhs